Rampart Binary Distributions

We build binary distributions for several platforms:

  • Linux x86_64 (Centos 7+, Debian 8+, Ubuntu 16.04+, etc)
  • Linux i686 (Centos 7+, Debian 8+, Ubuntu 16.04+, etc)
  • Raspberry Pi (Linux ARM; Debian 11+) 64 bit
  • Raspberry Pi (Linux ARM; Debian 10+) 32 bit
  • MacOs x86_64, Yosemite and up
  • MacOs ARM M1, Big Sur and up
  • MacOs Universal Binary, High Sierra and up
The naming convention of the tar.gz files specifies the operating system used to build the binaries, and for the most part represent the minimum "clib" version (or OS version in the case of MacOs) necessary.

We have minimized the number of libraries needed for Rampart to function, and thus it should run straight out of the box.

The binary downloads directory is here.

After downloading, the following will get you started:

me@myhost:~$ tar -zxvf rampart-*.tar.gz
me@myhost:~$ cd rampart
me@myhost:~/rampart$ ./install.js

The source code can be found here on GitHub.